Look at our progress so far this year in terms of the recycling of cardboard and plastic.

164 Tonnes of Cardboard Recycled + 185 Tonnes of paper

Equivalent to 5,886 trees

66 Tonnes Recycled

Planted to Date: 8,786

The ABC of Our Environmental Policy

 ARCT Transport Ltd has a responsibility to:

a. Implement and encourage the philosophy of reducuction, re-use and recycling whenever possible.

b. Commit to the prevention, reduction and control of pollution.

c. Conform and comply with all current and new legislation and, whenever possible, to conform and comply with guidance notes with regards to environmental issues in all operations undertaken by the company.

d. Monitor, update and maintain information and records on training, energy and fuel consumption, and other relevant areas in order to have a clear indication of our company’s progress.

e. Provide relevant training, information and instruction to all employees to ensure that they are able to perform their duties to the best of their ability and in conjunction with the implementation of any company environmental procedures.

f. Provide facilities and tools for the implementation of new company environmental procedures.

g. Set aside funds to aid the implementation of tools, utilities, information, training and procedures relating to environmental policy.

h. Commit to continually improve and develop company procedures, technology and training, where practical and reasonable, with the objective of improving our positive impact on the environment, and of course reducing any negative impact that we may have.

i. Implement company-wide our environmental policy and roll-out targets to all staff.

j. Co-operate with neighbours, sub-contractors, visitors, suppliers and customers to ensure they are fully aware of the company’s policies and objectives.

k. Work with our customers to promote conformity with similar objectives and to work in a spirit of co-operation with the relevant authorities.