To ensure that every family has access to essential care, we have partnered with GISF to develop a new mobile clinic project to provide free primary-care and pediatric, obstetrics and gynaecology health services for the most vulnerable children and women living in the communities of Kanina, Kisote, Mukoma and Tshala, in the Kolwezi area. We will put a small levy on each deliver in order to be able to fund this project.

The mobile clinic will be set up on a 4×4 truck in order to be able to reach these under-served and remote villages, even when the roads are less accessible during rainy seasons. The health staff will visit each community every two weeks, monitoring health conditions of hundreds of women, children, mothers and their newborns, offering follow-up care, specialist visits and the referral of the most serious and complicated cases to local hospitals.The mobile clinic will also help disseminate good practices relating to health, hygiene and Covid-19 prevention and support childhood vaccination campaigns.

The mobile clinic eventually arrived in DRC in March 2022. It was a long and challenging journey. The mobile clinic crossed the sea to reach Dar es Salam in Tanzania and then travelled 1,200 miles to finally reach Kolwezi in the Southern Democratic Republic of the Congo. In DRC, the health of many families is unfortunately affected by exposure to dangerous levels of toxic pollution and enviornmental contamination caused by cobalt mining operations. Additionally, accessing basic health services is not at all easy: local health facilities are few and often very distant from the villages, offering poor medical care at an unaffordable cost for most of the population living in poverty.
Since the inauguration of the mobile clinic in March 2022, doctors and nurses have already begun to make the first check-ups and they will soon start to visit the communities, monitoring the health of hundreds of women, children, mothers and newborns.
Have a look below at some picture of the mobile clinic on its opening day.